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A DrivActiv Microlearning Safety Tip Video

Managing Your Speed

This safety tip video, featuring our simple,  safe driving time management technique, will help you take control of your day and eliminate the urge to speed.


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Practical, Easy-to-Adopt Safe Driving Tips

The DrivActiv microLearning library contains more than 30 different safe driving topics. Each tip is uniquely designed to impart practical, easy-to-use methods to improve safe driving performance using a combination of computer-generated animation and high definition video content to illustrate commonly experienced issues and quickly demonstrate positive, common sense fixes that can be immediately implemented.



Anti-Lock Braking Systems
Avoiding Aggressive Driving
Avoiding Collisions at Intersections – I
Avoiding Collisions at Intersections - II
Avoiding Large Animals
Avoiding Rollovers
Breakdown Safety
Changing Lanes - Collision Free
Dealing with Fatigue
Distracted Driving – Three Types
Distracted Driving – Multi-Tasking
Distracted Driving – The Mind’s Eye
Driving In Rain
Entering and Merging Into Traffic
Ergonomics – Your Comfort & Safety
Highway Work Zone Safety
Hot Weather Driving
Maintaining Your Vehicle
Managing Your Speed
Mountain Driving Techniques
Multi-Lane Highways
Pedestrian Safety
Prevent Rear-End Collisions - ReadyBrake™
Proper Backing & Parking
Role Model: Parents & Teen Drivers
Round-About Safety
Sharing the Road with Large Trucks
Sharing the Road with Motorcycles
Tire Pressure Maintenance
Trailer Towing – Safety Checklist
Use of Seat belts & Airbags
Your Back-Up Camera: Safety First
Winter Driving

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