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Getting Started

  • Installing DrivActiv iSight

    • iPhone uses can download the app from the Apple Apple App Store
    • Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store
  • Tell Us Where You Are

    If your phone’s GPS function is shut off, when you tap START”  DrivActiv iSightwill ask you to active the GPS. We need to know your position to track and analyze your driving according to the characteristics of each road. \

Important Info


  • Why can't I access the application?

    If you were able to use the app normally and it suddenly closes or doesn't respond as much as possible, you've been cached. To access the app without problems, simply clear the cache and data in the app by going to your phone's Settings -> Applications -> :DrivActiv iSight -> Storage -> Clear Data and Clear Cache. 

  • How much data does the app use?

    DrivActiv iSight uses less than 10 mb per month. A much lower data usage than the majority of apps commonly downloaded today. If you don't  want to use your data just turn on "offline" in “Settings” and your trip’s information will be processed when you have WiFi access. 

  • I think I lost a trip, What do I do?

    Did you just check your trips and realize that some of them had been lost? Maybe it’s because some data for that trip has not yet to be processed. You can go to “Trips“ and if some trips still appear to be pending, tap “Force Upload” and you should then be able to view your trip. Otherwise, write to iSight and we’ll help you out! 

  • What if I don't agree with a recorded incident?

    You consider yourself a good driver - you drive carefully and respect the rules of the road. But you review one of your trips and it identifies incidents you do not agree with. What can you do? Explain the situation.  

    Tap Incidents (the triangle with the exclamation point). The drop-down menu to the right shows all of your trip details. Tap “I do not agree.” If we are able to confirm the inaccuracy, our engineers will invalidate the incident, so it won’t have an impact on your score. 


  • What do I do if I think a false event was recorded?


    If DrivActiv iSight marks one of these events which you believe did not occur, it could be a temporary issue with your phone’s GPS location service. All do you have to do is send us a discrepancy note from within the DrivActiv iSight App and let us know you think it may an error. If we are able to confirm the inaccuracy, our engineers will invalidate the event, so it will not impact your score. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Improving GPS accuracy on iPhone

    Are you experiencing some issues with your phone’s GPS precision? If the system is not providing a good position fix, here are some tips:
    1. Check that DrivActiv iSight location access is allowed. Go to Settings and tap Location Services, the Location Services button must be green . 
    1. Be sure that your on a clear area (without metallic and heavy walls) and try to put your phone orientation toward the sky. Avoiding placing it in bags or suitcases 
    1. Turn on and off your phone. This is always an easy solution that worth trying to. Other users confirm that this is the last alternative to try. 
  • Improving GPS accuracy on Android

    Are you experiencing some issues with your phone’s GPS precision? If the system is not providing a good position fixhere are some tips: Depending on your phone, go to: 

    • Settings > Location 
    • Settings -> Personal -> Location 
    • Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Location Access 

    Be sure all these permission settings are turned on. Next: 

    1. Make sure that iSight’s has permission to access your phone’s GPS location service.Go to Settings – > Applications -> iSight -> Permissions -> Enable Location (after Android 6.0 Marshmallow). 
    1. Be sure that youre located in an area clear of overhead obstacles. try to put your phone orientation to the sky. Avoiding placing it in bags or suitcases 
    1. Turn your phone on and off. Very often this fresh restart clears up any issues. 
    1. If you are using a battery optimizeapp such as Clean Master, Smart Manager (only Samsung), Battery Saver, 360 Security, Greenify, JuiceDefender, DU Battery Saver, Battery Defender, One Touch Battery Saver or any others, try to turn it off and record a trip. 
    1. If you still having problems, we recommend that you analyze the GPS function and status using an app such as GPS Status. 
  • The App is not working

    If you have problems opening your app, its mostly likely a cache issue. What does that mean? Cache is a function operating in the background that stores old informational data on your phone. Sometimes old, outdated data interferes with the performance of your DrivActiv iSight app. If this turns out to be the issue you are experiencing, you may be able to solve the problem by clearing your phone app’s cache and cookies. Access your phone Settings -> Apps -> DrivActiv Sight -> and delete cache and cookies. 

  • Find Your Vehicle

    It is not unusual to occasionally forget where you parked your vehicle. Tap “Find me” and we’ll guide you back to where it is parked. 

  • Using Offline Mode

    Do you worry about your cellular data using DrivActiv iSightThe good news is, our app uses less than 10 mb per month so we do not recommend disconnecting DrivActiv iSight from your cellular data service. However, as an option, you can use the app’s Offline mode. Your trip activities will still be recorded. The next time you have access to a WiFi connection, you can turn off the Offline mode and your trip details will then be uploaded to the DrivActiv iSight server.  


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