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Behind-the-wheel training and online fleet driver coaching

Our award-winning DriverAdvantage™ program delivers improved driver performance by teaching fleet drivers vehicle control and real-world hazard perception. With over 10 different courses to choose from, fleet managers can enroll their drivers in a variety of advanced performance, instructor-led courses like; trailering safety, core driver safety competencies, coaching for behaviors and skills improvement, at-risk driver improvement and much more!

DriverAdvantage™ fleet driver training courses are offered in multiple formats including:

  • In-person, behind-the-wheel training
  • Virtual, instructor-led courses
  • Online, self-paced eLessons

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Classroom Training Sessions

Behind-the-Wheel Exercises

Through practice, students acquire competencies in advanced crash avoidance and superior vehicle control and establish a sustainable self-awareness of driving performance. Behind-the-Wheel instruction is conducted in a safe no-contact environment. Each student remains with their own vehicle.


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Behind the Wheel Exercises

Classroom Training Sessions


Led by a live instructor in a classroom setting, students learn the “why” and “how” to perform advanced techniques before practicing concepts in behind-the-wheel segments. Classroom sessions can be stand alone or part of a full-day dedicated course which includes both theory and practice.


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Advanced Performance Core Concept Training

DriveReady™ is a keystone driver safety course to acquire core competencies in advanced crash avoidance skills and superior vehicle control. This program, which includes both classroom education and driving exercises, has successfully impacted the safety and capability of drivers for more than 30 years. It has proven, time and again, to measurably improve a driver’s ability and understanding to operate a vehicle safely and responsibly.

All courses include SEE the Advantage™ — a sophisticated Driving Dynamics driver safety system.

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Driver Safety Coaching Program

Conducted by certified coaches, DriveInsight™ sessions are based on results of a personal DrivActiv iQuotient™ safe driving assessment and other tools to achieve performance improvement plans specifically tailored to individual values and needs. Virtual and in-person options.

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DriveReady Virtual

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Trailering Safety Course

TrailerReady™ is designed for individuals whose job requirements include operating a truck and trailer combination. Includes pre-trip inspection, proper hook-ups and safely securing loads.

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An International Partner Network Means A Consistent Coaching Experience

A world-wide driver safety training network based on a managed international standard. Through DriveGlobal™ Driving Dynamics will connect you with our network partners so your diverse fleet-based organizations can benefit from a singular consistent approach.

DriveGlobal Advantage

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For the At Risk Driver

There is always an opportunity to get back on the right road. FreshStart™ is customized for individuals who have demonstrated adverse driving behaviors or have been involved in multiple preventable incidents. This one-on-one course is offered in two formats: a 60-minute "early-intervention" virtual session or an in-depth up to four hours, in-person class which includes a commentary drive.

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Train-the-Coach Certification

Prepares and certifies instructors to conduct the DriveInsight™ coaching program. Certified CoachInsight™ instructors will be able to motivate drivers to become highly engaged in the improvement of their safety behind the wheel and assist them in developing a personal safety action plan.


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ADAS Ready 1

Prepares drivers to maximize the advanced assist technologies in their vehicles

ADAS-Ready provides learners with an in-depth overview of popular Advanced Driver Assist Systems technologies, highlighting both the advantages and limitations. Using real-life driving scenarios and visual demonstrations, instructors explain proper use, while emphasizing the driver must always be the primary participant in controlling their vehicle. Available in virtual live instructor-led session and self-paced online learning series.

ADASReady Advantage

Driver Ride-Along Audit Training for Managers


Custom Programs Built to Meet Unique Requirements


Corporate-Sponsored Teen Driving Safety Events


Corporate-Sponsored Community Events

Why Choose Driving Dynamics?

With more than 30 years of experience, we offer a large variety of fleet driver training options to meet the needs of our clients and drivers. One recent Fortune 500 client saw a 60 percent drop in crashes with injuries in just 18 months, resulting in an estimated $1.2 million in savings.

We base all our proven training systems on the SEE the Advantage™ approach. Driving Dynamics developed this proprietary methodology based on data that shows drivers can avoid 90 percent of all crashes if they have an extra second. Lessons teach drivers skills and driving habits that provide them with a response time advantage that can make the difference between a crash and a safe outcome.

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