About Us

A History Committed to Driver Safety


Driving Dynamics is a leading provider of driver safety training, coaching and fleet risk management services throughout North America. In business for more than 30 years, our behind-the-wheel courses, e-learning, and simulation training and driver risk programs are based on proven learning methodologies and expert instruction. Over the years we have grown our service offerings and expanded our footprint into the commercial transportation market.

  • One Second Advantage

    The company was established in 1987 through the vision of founder Bill Buff, who achieved notable success as a professional race car driver when he realized that the most dangerous part of his day occurred while driving to and from the racetrack. Inspired to impact driver safety he conceived the One Second Advantage principle. Rooted in a major automotive safety research study that determined 90 percent of all traffic crashes can be avoided when a driver has one more second to react and knows what to do with it —the One Second Advantage has been, and to this day is the cornerstone philosophy of the training programs offered by Driving Dynamics.

  • Award Winning

    Driving Dynamics was named as a Top-20 Safety & Health Company by Training Industry Inc. in 2017, 2018 and 2019.


    Multi-Year APEX (Awards for Publication Excellence) Award Winner 2011 ‘12, ‘13, ‘14 ’15 ’16 and ’17



  • Notable Milestones

    1987—Established the One Second Advantage™ Training Principles Held First Behind-The-Wheel Course 

    1998—Patented Controlled Slide Car

    2004—Created Online, Interactive Training Series Exclusively Using Computer Generated Animations

    2015—Piloted Global Behind-the-Wheel Coaching Program

    2016—Introduced Instructor-Led Light Duty Mobile Simulator Courses

    2017 —Named Multi-Year APEX Award Winner 2011 ‘12, ‘13, ‘14 ’15 ’16 and ’17

    2017—Celebrated 30 Years of Achieving Exceptional Results for Fleet Operators

    2018—Introduced new DriverAdvantage™ brand for Light-to-Medium Duty Behind-the-Wheel Training Courses

    2017, '18 and '19—Recognized as one of the Top 20 Health & Safety Training Companies by Training Industry Inc


  • Lines of Business

    DriverAdvantage Light to medium duty behind-the-wheel-based training and coaching

    DrīvActiv  Technology-based driver training and fleet risk solutions

    Center for Transportation SafetyCommercial transportation courses


Our Mission

We deliver on our mission every day using proprietary, time tested, principle-based safety education along with risk management analysis and applied techniques. We are committed to delivering the most relevant and effective training programs and services for fleet professionals and drivers of all vehicle types.

Improve Drivers'
Abilities to Stay Safe

Provide Expert Driver
Training Services

Lower Fleet
Crash Rates

Driving Dynamics once again named Top 20 health & Safety training Company in North America. 

“It is an honor to receive this recognition for..."


  • Breadth and diversity of safety training offerings
  • Ability to deliver training in preferred modalities
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Geographic and vertical reach
  • Quality of clients

~ Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics  president and CEO


"Good timing for the refresher training. There was a 4 car pile-up in front of me yesterday but I avoided it. ABS works as does look further ahead than just the car in front. I saw that the 1st car was going to rear-end the car in front of it and I stopped with plenty of room. It's great that the training makes us engage the ABS many times because it was a non-surprise when I actually needed to use it. "
Tara P.
AkzoNobel, Account Manager
"I was driving on I-4 in downtown Orlando heading to Daytona to work. It was raining hard and I was keeping a safe speed when I noticed a tractor-trailer coming up fast behind me. I changed lanes into the middle lane and started to slide to the right due to the concrete roadway. I let off the pedal and looked and steered in the direction of the roadway I wanted to follow. The truck flew by me at a high rate of speed and I was able to control the car. Thank you for sending me to Driving Dynamics class so I knew what to do in that situation." 
Marc D.
Florida Power & Light, Field Operations
"I attended the course offered here in Indianapolis. I want to offer that your team was absolutely superb. I am impressed. They worked together to make the day impactful and fun. I have nearly 20 years here at Elanco and have had over those years many hours in internal and external training, and the hours I had with your team set a high mark for an engaged and energetic experience. I want to especially mention Kathy, who had the classroom portion of the day. She did a great job of making this valuable and impactful with her sharing of stories and humor."
Doug R.
Elanco Animal Health, Director, product development