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Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Training Services

We offer services for heavy-duty and commercial motor vehicle operators through our Center for Transportation Safety (CTS) business line. Training programs, provided to corporations, non-profits, educational institutions, and state and federal governments are designed to reduce organizational risk and qualify drivers to receive a commercial drivers’ license.

CTS Corporate Fleet Driver Training

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Commercial fleet operators challenged to source qualified drivers, maintain the highest safety standards, and keep in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates (FMCSA) can rely on Driving Dynamics’ Center for Transportation Safety to deliver world-class CDL training services.

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Class A and B Entry-Level CDL

Re-certification and Evaluation

Full-Freedom Simulation Training

Train-the-Trainer Course

Custom and Specialty Courses

Refreshers and Endorsements

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We bring our highly successful CTS FirstGear™ Entry-Level CDL driver training program to you

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CTS Driving Academy

The academic training arm of the Center for Transportation Safety

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Acquire the expertise and the value of an established motor carrier.

Through the CTS Driving Academy, we offer  affordable, commercial driver programs that meet and exceed federal standards as set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to deliver exceptional training to local communities, and help fill in-demand truck driver positions.  

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We partner with educational institutions around the U.S. to teach our nationally recognized curriculum.

  • Offer a differentiating and competitive curriculum through your Institution
  • Put students onto a rewarding career path through in-demand job placements
  • Support your community by addressing our nation’s critical commercial truck driver shortage

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