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Our award-winning DrivActiv advanced digital training services provide clients and drivers flexibility in when and how they train. Through online, self-paced lessons, drivers learn how to better navigate real-world hazards. They improve vehicle control and hazard perception while learning best practices for avoiding risks such as distracted driving and environmental factors.

Driving Dynamics created fleet driver coaching and fleet driver training lessons by studying the underlying reasons for more than 200,000 crashes and developing training solutions to help drivers avoid them.

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Lessons focus on performance and behavioral capabilities of drivers. Training content uses 3-D animated videos to show the outcomes of model behavior as well as consequences of dangerous driving habits.

Topics covered by the 15-minute to 30-minute lessons include:

  • Avoiding collisions while backing and parking
  • Preventing rear-end collisions
  • Avoiding collisions at intersections and while changing lanes
  • Avoiding aggressive driving and distracted driving
  • Managing time and speed
  • Breakdown safety
  • Driving in the rain

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These three-minute to five-minute e-lessons cover more than 30 driver safety topics. Visually rich videos depict common driving challenges and offer positive, common-sense solutions that drivers can implement instantly.

DrivActiv Microtips can become the cornerstone for long-term safe driving campaigns by providing two important components:

  • A consistent and sustainable safety message
  • Practical safe-driving techniques for a variety of situations

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A self-paced online driver assessment tool that measures six safe-driving measures and determines areas where drivers may engage in behavior that can lead to crashes and injuries. In less than 10 minutes, drivers understand how their thoughts, feelings and tendencies impact safety outcomes.

Using DrivActiv iQuotient allows drivers to:
  • Achieve safe-driving attitudes 
  • Attain better safe-driving records 
  • Improve behind-the-wheel performance through self-awareness 
  • Learn more about individual driver personalities
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Why Choose Driving Dynamics?

With more than 30 years of experience, we offer a large variety of fleet driver training options to meet the needs of our clients and drivers. One recent Fortune 500 client saw a 60 percent drop in crashes with injuries in just 18 months, resulting in an estimated $1.2 million in savings.

We base all our proven training systems on the SEE the Advantage™ approach. Driving Dynamics developed this proprietary methodology based on data that shows drivers can avoid 90 percent of all crashes if they have an extra second. Lessons teach drivers skills and driving habits that provide them with a response time advantage that can make the difference between a crash and a safe outcome.

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