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May 03, 2021

team_tony1b_new-1Driving Dynamics announced that its chief operating officer (COO) Tony Vinciguerra was unanimously named by the company’s Board of Directors to be its newest member in recognition of his contributions. He is credited with successfully navigating the company during the 2020 COVID crisis and has been instrumental in providing strategic and financial oversight, advancing operational processes, systems and technology, and product development.

 “I am pleased to welcome Tony to the Board. His efforts have helped the company triple in size in terms of revenue volume and associates. Working closely with him these past few years, it’s evident that our clients and associates have benefited from his expertise and multi-disciplined approach in supporting fleet operators achieve their performance goals. In addition, Tony’s subject matter expertise and leadership in fleet safety are invaluable to Driving Dynamics as we continue to grow and pursue our mission of keeping drivers safe," said Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics president and CEO and the company’s managing owner.

Formerly the senior executive at Center for Transportation Safety (CTS), a national provider of heavy-duty vehicle training services, Vinciguerra joined Driving Dynamics in May 2017 as its COO when the company acquired CTS. His prior experience includes more than 25 years with PHH and Element Fleet Services. Vinciguerra also held IT positions with Coopers & Lybrand and Westinghouse Corporation. He has a master’s degree from Loyola College in Maryland and bachelor’s degree in accounting and computer science from Albright College. He resides in Bel Air, Maryland with his wife, Linda.

Featured Release

Liggio, Fleet Industry Veteran Inducted to Hall of Fame

December 21, 2020

Driving Dynamics Inc. announced Art Liggio, the company’s CEO and president has joined the Fleet Hall of Fame ranks. Mem bers are recognized as industry leaders and pioneers who have contributed significantly to the commercial fleet management industry. 



Liggio was inducted based on his more than 30-year commitment to improving organizational fleet safety performance and capabilities of drivers. Under his leadership Drivin

g Dynamics was named a Top 20 safety training company the past four years in a row. He began his driver safety career at Zurich insurance, then joined The CEI Group, a fleet accident management company in 1999 as its first director of risk and insurance prior to joining Driving Dynamics in 2008.  

He is an active member of the National Association Fleet Administrators (NAFA), serving as chairman of the Affiliates committee (2018-2019), has presented at conferences across the nation, most recently as the keynote speaker at the 2020 Fleet Safety Experience, and has authored numerous articles sharing his expertise on risk management, coaching and fleet driver safety.  

During his acceptance speech, Liggio noted, “Thank you for this recognition! For three decades I have been actively involved with fleet operators, supporting their efforts to keep drivers safe. It is an honor to have this work recognized. Every day I am heartened and humbled by the support and dedication of my associates at Driving Dynamics along with other individuals in the fleet community. My colleagues, partners and customers will continue to be a constant motivator for me and my team to continuously explore new ways to enhance our services and take all the needed measures to support our clients and their drivers.”  

Liggio was inducted to the Fleet Hall of Fame along with Tom Callahan (Donlen) and Gordon B. West (Pfizer, retired). The award was inaugurated in 2008 with 20 founding honorees and currently comprises 85 members. The program is sponsored by Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) and presented by Automotive Fleet magazine. Eligible candidates, who are nominated by members of the industry, must have at least 10 years of fleet management experience and are selected through an online survey.  

Featured Release

Named a Top-20 Training Provider for the Fourth Year

October 06, 2020

Driving Dynamics Inc. announced its selection as a 2020 Top-20 Health & Safety/Compliance Training Company by Training Industry Inc.

Training Industry Inc. monitors critical sectors of the training marketplace to better inform professionals about the best training services and technologies. Driving Dynamics’ selection in 2020 was determined based on its ability to stay on top of the changing business environment by offering new and refreshed content and resources during the coronavirus pandemic as well as the following criteria:

  • Breadth and diversity of health and safety training offerings
  • Ability to deliver training in preferred modalities
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Geographic and vertical reach
  • Quality of clients

“We are honored once again to be recognized as a Top-20 training company and to see that we are the only organization on the list that specializes in fleet safety initiatives,” said Art Liggio, CEO and President of Driving Dynamics. “We are constantly looking for new ways to update courses and introduce innovative programs to assure the needs and challenges of fleets are adequately addressed. Our unwavering commitment to driver safety has allowed us to offer best-in-class services and help fleet-based organizations around the

2020_Top20_Web_Large_health and safety

country quickly implement effective, virtual courses that keep their drivers safe socially and behind the wheel.”

In 2020, the company launched three technology-based driver safety solutions including a smartphone telematics application, virtual classroom training and a one-on-one online coaching session. 

“The 2020 Top 20 Health and Safety/Compliance Training Companies List represents leading companies in the market offering interactive and engaging content that ensure employees’ health and safety and compliance of organizations,” said Ken Taylor, president of Training Industry, Inc.

About Training Industry, Inc.

Training Industry is a trusted source of information on the business of learning. Its authority is built on deep ties with more than 450 expert contributors who share insights and actionable information with their peers. 

More 2020 Releases 

  • MAY 29: National Behind-the-wheel Program Restarted with Virtual Options

    May 29, 2020

    Driving Dynamics Inc., announced the open enrollment format of its foundational skills-based driver safety program will resume with a phased roll-out starting in June. The DriveReady Advantage (DriveReady) course now includes heightened safety protocols, format changes and new virtual options to adhere to social distancing guidelines and accommodate policy mandates and comfort levels of its customer base.

    Driving Dynamics Covid Safe BadgeThe course, designed to help drivers acquire competencies in advanced crash avoidance techniques and vehicle control, traditionally consists of onsite mobile classrooms co-located with driving exercises. With the restart of the DriveReady program, it has been divided into two separate segments—an instructor-led virtual classroom session and the in-person, no-contact behind-the-wheel session, with new add-on technology-based components to help maintain personalized training at a distance.

    Virtual group classroom and add-on options – Starting in June and for the balance of 2020, the open enrollment classroom segment will be offered as an instructor-led virtual format. Students are required to complete this virtual classroom training before attending the driving exercise segment. In addition, the company has developed new technology-based offerings that can be added to keep drivers engaged in their safety behind-the-wheel:

    • 8-Week ‘Stay Safe’ e-Lesson package
    • 60-minute, one-on-one online driver safety coaching
    • Smartphone-based driver safety telematics application

    Non-contact behind-the-wheel session – During onsite driving exercises, Driving Dynamics has long used FM radio transmitters to communicate with individual students inside their own vehicles. The company will continue to use this communication channel which supports safe social interaction while instructing drivers. Non-contact measures in place during this segment are as follows:

    • Students will remain in, or stand beside their own vehicles, and only their vehicles
    • Instructors will keep a six-foot distance between themselves and students, and assure students also adhere to guidelines
    • Instructors will give directions using FM radio transmitters and communicate through open windows

    “Traffic fatalities in March were up 14% over the same period last year according to the National Safety Council,” said Art Liggio, CEO and president of Driving Dynamics. “As stay-at-home orders slowly lift, these numbers will likely get worse. As a consequence of COVID-19, companies will be pushing to make up for lost revenue and drivers will be feeling pressured to make one more delivery or sales call putting themselves at risk of a crash. The adaptations to our flagship behind-the-wheel course and the various training paths offer fleets the highest quality standards and results while assuring the safety of their drivers remains of utmost importance both socially and behind the wheel.”

    In the coming weeks Driving Dynamics will publish an updated open enrollment schedule with all the new modifications in place and will continue to re-evaluate the climate and viability of adding more behind-the-wheel training dates as restrictions are lifted and training venues become available. The company will offer both onsite and virtual classes in conjunction with driving exercises through its employer-dedicated format.

  • APR 01: New Driver Safety Smartphone Telematics Service Now Offered

    April 1, 2020

    Driving Dynamics Inc., announced the launch of DrivActiv iSight™, the latest product under the company’s DrivActiv™ digital safety and risk services brand. It is a cost-effective, fleet risk and safety telematics service focused on real-time driving awareness and improvement.

    This application, produced in conjunction with its development partner, DriveSmart, is a time-tested technology platform downloaded by more than 250,000 users. Using smartphone technology, it tracks and analyzes behaviors behind the wheel and enables fleet operators to identify trends, promote desired habits and skills, and monitor progress. To maximize objective self-assessment, drivers have access to personalized trip metrics and feedback.

    The service features:
    • Daily performance scorecards—Based on six key dimensions: speeding, acceleration, braking, cornering, anticipation and eco-driving.
    • Behavioral-based feedbackTailored to a driver’s performance, coaching push-notifications reinforce positive driving attributes and address poor habits.
    • Targeted microlearning videosPushed out regularly, drivers receive relevant, informative four-to-five-minute safety tips delivered through the application.
    • Administrative reporting dashboard—Access to analytics including individual and fleet performance summary, trends, incidents and trip monitoring.
    • Safe driving badgesValidate skills and demonstrate commitment to safety. 

    Driving Dynamics offers DrivActiv iSight as a standalone subscription-based service or as part of bundled behind-the-wheel and online training packages. The application is compatible with iOS and Android devices and fleet drivers are able to download it from Google Play or the Apple stores with a password provided by their employer.

    “Taking advantage of smartphone devices, our application combines the power of telematics with driver safety,” said Art Liggio, CEO and president of Driving Dynamics. “DrivActiv iSight will be quickly recognized and valued as a game-changer for fleet and safety professionals. Besides providing a highly sophisticated technology platform, it is unquestionably the lowest cost telematics safety service in North America. Budget constraints will no longer be an issue. It will help reduce crash rates, create self-aware drivers and develop a strong safety partnership. Focused on innovation, we strive to continuously offer fleets services that are relevant, easy to implement and most importantly, ones that will help organizations achieve their fleet safety goals.”

    About DriveSmart 
    DriveSmart is a pioneering technology platform and leading provider of driver monitoring, data analysis and telematics in both the automobile and mobility insurance industries. Founded in 2014, DriveSmart combines the biggest data science challenges with artificial intelligence. Its goal is to make the world's roads safer, while helping the commercial mobility industry make strategic decisions.

    Drivesmart’s Mobility Data Lab, a factory for developing solutions for the present and the future, responds to the needs of a wide range of current and future sectors (government, insurance, systems and infrastructure of intelligent transport, fleets, new mobility and shared economy, among others).

  • JAN 23: New E-Newsletter and Blog Dedicated to Fleet Driver Safety

    January, 23 2020

    Driving Dynamics Inc., announced that, Driver Safety News, a new subscriber-based e-newsletter, will be published monthly with content accessible on the company’s website.

    Developed for fleet and safety professionals, the publication is designed to support organizational safe driving initiatives and improve safety behind the wheel by providing educational resources that offer the latest thinking and best practices for driver safety and risk management. The newsletter, delivered in a format that is easily consumed, will feature content authored by thought leaders at Driving Dynamics and comprise articles, microlearning videos, quick tips, statistics, white papers, infographics, surveys and quizzes.

    “We’re committed to delivering relevant and useful safety education and materials through sustainable channels. It’s exciting for us to launch this newsletter on the heels of sunsetting our former award-winning publication. Our existing subscriber base of 20,000 readers as well as new subscribers will be rewarded with the best possible experience. We believe it is important to challenge ourselves to deliver excellence, so it was time for this new format,” said Art Liggio, CEO and president of Driving Dynamics. “Driver Safety News aligns with our mission that maintaining effective and lasting driver safety results needs to be an ever-present and ongoing process. Our goal is for this e-newsletter to be an enjoyable read and go-to informational resource for driver safety.”

    Driving Dynamics provides advanced performance driver and safety training and fleet risk management services throughout North America. In business for more than 30 years, its behind-the-wheel, e-learning, classroom and simulator training and driver risk programs are based on sound research, proven learning methodologies and expert instruction.