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  • OCT 23: Academic CDL Program Expanded

    October 23, 2019

    Driving Dynamics Inc. announced today, its entry-level commercial driver’s license (CDL-A) course offered through educational institutions has been added to the curriculum at the Anderson campus of Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana.

    Through CTS Driving Academy, the academic training arm of Driving Dynamics’ commercial driver training business—Center for Transportation Safety (CTS), students are provided comprehensive classroom lessons and behind-the-wheel training taught by certified instructors who have more than 10 years of commercial transportation safe driving experience. In addition, Driving Dynamics invites recruiters to assist students during the employment process to support placement after graduation. Since 2014, the CTS Driving Academy has maintained a 100 percent passing and job placement rate.

    By adopting the program, colleges develop strategic partnerships with local businesses in need of commercial drivers, acquire the value of an established motor carrier and access to increased revenue and funding opportunities.

    “You have been great partners and we look forward to continue working with you to solve the state’s CDL driver shortage,” said Aaron Baute, Vice President at Ivy Tech Community College. “The engagement and support we have gotten from CTS with our employer focus groups, the Department of Workforce Development, and the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has been substantial on your part. Bottom line is we could not do it without you.”

    Ivy Tech Community College is the nation's largest singly accredited statewide community college system and through its partnership with Driving Dynamics, it has become the largest entry-level CDL training provider in the state of Indiana.

    “Truck driving will continue to be a lucrative job market for college graduates,” said Driving Dynamics’ Chief Operating Officer, Tony Vinciguerra. “We’re thrilled to offer Ivy Tech Community College the opportunity to administer our proven CDL training and to continue the program’s expansion to help solve commercial driver shortages everywhere.”

    The CTS Driving Academy program from Driving Dynamics is currently available at two colleges and six campuses in the U.S.

    • Indiana County Technology Center in Pennsylvania
    • Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana
      • Lawrenceburg Lakefront
      • Connersville
      • Frankfort
      • Fort Wayne
      • Terre Haute
      • Anderson

    For more information about the CTS Driving Academy and how you can add the program into your school’s curriculum, please contact Jim Paterson, director of commercial motor vehicle safety training and operations for Driving Dynamics, at:

    About Ivy Tech Community College

    Ivy Tech Community College serves communities across Indiana, providing world-class education and driving economic transformation. It is the state’s largest public postsecondary institution and the nation’s largest singly accredited statewide community college system. It serves as the state’s engine of workforce development, offering high-value degree programs and training that are aligned with the needs of its communities, along with courses and programs that transfer to other colleges and universities in Indiana. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association.

  • OCT 01: Top 20 Safety Training Company for Third Consecutive Year

    October 1, 2019

    Driving Dynamics Inc. announced its selection as a 2019 Top-20 Health & Safety Training Company by Training Industry Inc.

    As part of its mission, Training Industry Inc. continually monitors the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies. Selection criteria was based on:

    • Breadth and diversity of health and safety training offerings
    • Ability to deliver training in preferred modalities
    • Company size and growth potential
    • Geographic and vertical reach
    • Quality of clients

    “It is an honor to receive this recognition for the third year in a row. This award validates that we continue to meet the highest standards in our industry with a breadth of training offerings, online courseware, course enhancements, and new coaching programs,” said Art Liggio, CEO and President of Driving Dynamics. “By ensuring our courses are constantly updated to address risks and challenges today’s fleet drivers face, we have helped numerous organizations achieve significant reductions in their crash rates.”

    During the last year, Driving Dynamics enhanced its service offerings to address critical risk factors and driver behavior, updating its flagship behind the wheel training program and developing new driver safety coaching and train-the-trainer certification courses.

    “The 2019 Top 20 Health and Safety Training Companies List represents the leading providers in health and safety and regulatory and compliance training,” said Ken Taylor, president of Training Industry, Inc. “These companies offer fresh and up-to-date content, continuously adding new courses and resources to ensure employees receive the training they need. Some providers are now using interactive and immersive experiences, such as augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) and simulations, to keep learners engaged and involved.”

    About Training Industry, Inc.

    Training Industry spotlights the latest news, articles, case studies and best practices within the training industry and publishes annual Top 20 Lists as part of its mission to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies covering many sectors of interest to the corporate training function. Their focus is on helping dedicated businesses and training professionals get the information, insight and tools needed to more effectively manage the business of learning.

  • MAY 04: Flagship Hands-On Course Updated, 2019 Schedule Released

    May 4, 2019

    Driving Dynamics Inc announced enhancements to its legacy advanced performance behind-the-wheel safety training program, DriveReady Advantage™ (DriveReady) and publication of the summer-fall open enrollment schedule for the course.

    DriveReady, a foundational skills safety training course, has recently been updated to address critical factors affecting today’s fleet drivers, while continuing to reinforce the company’s cornerstone One Second Advantage™ fundamental safe driving principles. The expanded curriculum now includes:

    • Driver Assist Systems: Drivers will learn about vehicle technology systems, their limitations, how to properly respond when a system activates, and the risks associated with the over-reliance on any vehicle technology
    • Behavioral Triggers: During a classroom micro-coaching session, directed at driver thought processes behind-the-wheel, learners will be guided to self-identify risk triggers and respond in a manner that produces safer outcomes
    • Close-Quarter Maneuvering: Drivers will practice maneuvering their vehicles through space-restricted areas such as construction sites, urban roads and tight corners
    • Backing and Parking Exercises: Additional hands-on exercises that include driver-side and blind-side backing have also been added to the course

    The company has been offering its DriveReady class through a year-round, open registration format at more than 200 locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. This gives fleet operators the option to send only one driver to a class, or many, at dates and locations that are the most convenient for each driver. The following are the newest training site locations added in 2019:

    • Epping, New Hampshire
    • San Francisco, California
    • Fontana, California
    • Benson, North Carolina
    • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
    • East Ridge, Tennessee
    • Gainesville, Florida
    • Venice, Florida
    • Wichita, Kansas

    “We are excited about the enhancements we’ve made to our program which has already had a great track record of success, and we will continue to deliver safety training programs that address the changing driving environment and any new vehicle advancements,” said Debbie Balestra, Driving Dynamics vice president of client relations. “Through our unique behind-the-wheel training, fleet operators can be assured that the curriculum their drivers are undergoing is updated, fresh and applicable so they will be prepared to safely handle any challenge they face while behind the wheel.”

  • APR 25: New Train-The-Coach Fleet Safety Certification Program

    April 25, 2019

    Driving Dynamics Inc. announced the rollout of its CoachInsight Advantage (CoachInsight) certification course, the latest service under the company’s DriverAdvantage behind-the-wheel brand for individuals who operate light-to-medium duty vehicles.

    CoachInsight is a four-day employer-onsite program that prepares company fleet safety professionals to conduct Driving Dynamics’ DriveInsight Advantage driver safety course. Coach-candidates participate in a combination of classroom lectures, role-play scenarios and driving exercises. Upon successful completion, certified coaches will be able to:

    • Motivate drivers to become highly engaged in the improvement of their safety behind the wheel
    • Analyze, interpret and incorporate the results of the CoachInsight driving skills and behavioral assessments to conduct personalized driver improvement coaching sessions
    • Instruct drivers on how to properly perform the skills-based, One Second Advantage advanced performance safe driving techniques
    • Implement the proprietary, CoachInsight coaching method to help drivers evaluate and reflect on the results of their online assessment responses
    • Guide drivers to determine which skills and behavioral deficiencies are most important for them to address and improve
    • Assist drivers in producing their own personal safety action plans designed to reduce risk and reinforce positive driving habits
    • Conduct a comprehensive development drive that enhances self-awareness, builds confidence and encourages a long-term desire to minimize risk while driving
    • Complete a final observation summary report for each driver coached

    Graduates will receive a certificate of completion, a starter pack of driver coaching materials, a unique identification number and support access to Driving Dynamics coaching pros. To keep credentials in good standing, graduates are required to coach a minimum of ten individuals in their organizations per year and complete a re-certification course every two years.

    We are so excited to bring Driving Dynamics’ first instructor certification course to the marketplace and provide our customers with a convenient, flexible and consistent option for administering driver safety programs. This course includes validated driver assessments, our proprietary coaching methodology, an e-learning supplement and our exclusive One Second Advantage safe driving philosophy, making it a one of a kind program,” said Ben Langley, director of training development and innovation for Driving Dynamics and the company’s master coach. “Coach-graduates will be equipped with all of the tools needed to guide fleet drivers in discovering and addressing how their behaviors and skills influence their driving capabilities thereby effecting a positive reduction in road incidents across the fleet.”

    Driving Dynamics is showcasing its CoachInsight Advantage program at booth #157 during the 2019 iP Utility Safety Conference and Expo, April 30 through May 2 in Denton, Texas and at booth #2611 at the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Safety 2019, June 9 through June 12 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


  • OCT 09: New Driver Coaching Course with Online Assessments

    October 9, 2019

    Driving Dynamics Inc announced the rollout of DriveInsight . Offered to the U.S. and Canadian markets, it is the latest course under the company’s DriverAdvantage behind-the-wheel brand for individuals who operate light-to-medium duty vehicles

    DriveInsight is an on-road behavior and skills coaching service designed to help drivers acknowledge, address and correct poor driving habits, risky behaviors and diminished skills.

    In advance of the hands-on coaching session learners are required to complete three online assignments: the company’s One Second Advantage e-learning lesson, which provides an overview of fundamental driver safety skills and techniques along with a driver behavioral risk assessment and a safety skills self-assessment.

    Prepared with the results of these assignments, the Driving Dynamics’ certified coach will conduct a two-to-one, driver-to-coach personalized session centered on the specific needs of each learner. With the coach’s guidance, learners complete an “acknowledging influencing factors” exercise and a personal awareness and action plan. During the in-vehicle portion two learners rotate driving responsibilities under the direction of the coach, with all three completing an on-road observation card.  

    Using the information gathered, the coach submits a final observation summary report and makes it, along with other supporting documents, available electronically to the driver and his or her designated employer management personnel.

    ”We recognized the need in the marketplace for a course such as this. For fleets looking for a high quality, holistic end-to-end driver safety solution this type of coaching is an essential part of the service mix,” said Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics president and CEO. Driving Dynamics has always been a proponent of both skills and behavior-based training—they go hand in hand. Drivers need advanced driving skills but also to understand how their behavior influences the choices they make and ultimately their driving ability.”

    Also through DriveGlobal Advantage, a related Driving Dynamics service, fleets which have a global footprint and want to provide a managed international standard and a similar and consistent coaching experience, regardless of country or language, Driving Dynamics will facilitate access to DriveTech International’s training partner network. This international network

    currently has a reach that extends to more than 90 countries and is available in more than 30 languages. In 2017 Driving Dynamics formed an alliance with UK-based DriveTech International to be a global network partner and for reseller rights in North America.

    Driving Dynamics is showcasing its DriveInsight  service at booth #12 during the 2018 NETS Annual Strength in Numbers Conference on October 10 and 11 in Frisco, Texas and at the Fleet Safety Conference, October 29 and 31 in Henderson, Nevada.

  • OCT 01: New Instructor-Led Training Brand Announced

    October 1, 2018

    Driving Dynamics Inc. introduced DriverAdvantage, a new family brand for the company’s light-to-medium duty instructor-led training services.

    The purpose of the rebranding is to help its customers have a better awareness of available services and a clearer understanding of how the company’s behind-the-wheel training programs can work together to address various fleet needs. The name chosen for the brand is deeply rooted in the company’s three decades of history.

    Driving Dynamics’ curriculum for its light-to-medium duty safety training is based on a major automotive safety research study that determined 90 percent of all traffic crashes can be avoided when a driver has one more second to react and knows what to do with it. Since the company’s founding, the One Second Advantage has been, and to this day is, the cornerstone philosophy of all training programs offered by Driving Dynamics to drivers that operate passenger vehicles through mid-sized trucks.

    "Over the years the breadth and variety of our hands-on training has expanded and continues to grow. We realized it was time to pull these complementary services under one umbrella brand. In considering a name which could best speak to the underlying principles of our training the choice was obvious,”  said Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics President and CEO.

    Follow is a list of current training services under the new DriverAdvantage brand:

    • DriveReady — Advanced Crash Avoidance Techniques and Vehicle Control
    • DriveInsight — Blended Behavioral Coaching with Skills Training and Exercises
    • Drive360  — Instructor-Led Mobile Simulation Courses
    • FreshStart — High Risk Driver Training Programs
    • DriverAudit  — Manager’s Training for Ride-Along Coaching
    • Truck&Trailer  — Light Truck and Trailer Course
    • FleetChoice — Job Specific Vehicles/ Custom Courses
    • OutReach  — Corporate-Sponsored Community Training Events
    • TeenDriver  — Corporate-Sponsored Teen Driver Training
  • SEP 27: Again Named Top-20 Safety Training Company in 2018

    September 27, 2018

    Driving Dynamics Inc. announced it has been selected as a Top 20 Health & Safety Training Company by Training Industry Inc. for the second year in a row.

    Selection to the 2018 Top 20 Health & Safety Training Companies List is based on the following criteria:

    • Breadth and diversity of health and safety training offerings
    • Ability to deliver training in preferred modalities
    • Company size and growth potential
    • Geographic and vertical reach
    • Quality of clients

    “This year’s Top 20 Health and Safety Training companies offer innovative delivery methods such as micro-learning, simulations and virtual reality to reinforce learning across multiple industries. This list is an excellent resource for organizations to meet their health and safety training needs,” said Ken Taylor, president of Training Industry, Inc.

    Training Industry spotlights the latest news, articles, case studies and best practices within the training industry and publishes annual Top 20 Lists as part of its mission to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies covering many sectors of interest to the corporate training function. Their focus is on helping dedicated businesses and training professionals get the information, insight and tools needed to more effectively manage the business of learning.

    Headquartered in Newark, Delaware, Driving Dynamics has earned its position as an accomplished provider of impactful driver training. Through its business lines the company offers services for fleet professionals and drivers of passenger cars through commercial motor vehicles.

    Through its business lines the company offers services for fleet and safety management professionals and drivers of passenger cars through commercial motor vehicles.

    • DriverAdvantage Light-to-medium duty behind-the-wheel-based training and coaching services
    • DrīvActiv Technology-based driver training and risk solutions
    • Center for Transportation Safety Heavy-duty, Commercial transportation courses and program
  • SEP 24: Caldwell Joins Driving Dynamics as Risk and Safety Consultant

    September 24, 2017

    Driving Dynamics  announced Tracy Caldwell has joined the company as its risk and safety services consultant.

    Tracy Caldwell headshotReporting to Debbie Balestra, Driving Dynamics V.P. of client relations, Tracy is primarily responsible for DrivActiv eLearning sales, creation of custom client safety policy lessons and administration of the company’s learning management system and motor vehicle records service. She also manages enrollment logistics for the company’s behind-the-wheel driver safety training courses and conducts products demonstrations of company’s various web-based services.

    In her previous position she worked for Element Fleet Corp, a global fleet management company headquartered in Ontario, Canada, where Tracy was a safety subject matter expert collaborating and consulting with clients to develop custom safety programs and instituting industry standard best practices.

    Adding Tracy’s deep experience and knowledge to the collective knowledge of our organization is a benefit to her colleagues and our customers, said Debbie Balestra, V.P. of client relations. She has spent her professional career in the fleet industry with a focus on driver safety and risk management making her a great fit for this role.

    Tracy resides in New Park, Pennsylvania with her husband Tony of 35 years. They have two children, a grandson and a 60 pound lap dog, named Cally. In her spare time she enjoys wood carving, spending time outside camping, hiking, kayaking, or rafting and riding her Can Am Spyder. Tracy is a member of the Susquehanna Trail Woodworkers Guild and a certified National Safety Council defensive driver instructor.


  • DEC 11: Winner of 2017 APEX Award for Microlearning Library

    December 17, 2017

    Driving Dynamics Inc announced today it has been named as a 2017 award recipient in the twenty-ninth annual Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX) competition.

    2017 APEX Award Winner Driving Dynamics

    The company was honored with its 10th APEX award in the Electronic Media Education & Training category for the redesign and quality of writing of its driver safety microlearning library which currently includes 33 safety tip videos. Included as part of Driving Dynamics’ new DrivActiv elearning service, the microlearning library is available in multiple languages, meets SCORM standards and is optimized for mobile devices.

     “The targeted approach of these micro lessons set them apart from other safety communications. The instructional design component of our safety tips address employee safety within a quick few minutes by delivering light-bulb moments that relate directly to their personal experiences on the road. Our micro lessons are sustainable, practical and thought provoking messages that can be easily distributed to help change the way drivers value, think and act about their own safety,” said Art Liggio CEO and president of Driving Dynamics Inc.

    About the APEX Awards
    The APEX Awards for Publication Excellence is an international annual competition for publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, Web, electronic and social media. APEX is sponsored by the editors of Writer's Web Watch, published by Communications Concepts, Inc., an e-newsletter for communicators who write, edit and manage business publications. Awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the success of the entry—in the opinion of the judges—in achieving overall communications effectiveness and excellence

    Headquartered in Newark, Delaware, Driving Dynamics offers services for fleet professionals and drivers of passenger cars through commercial motor vehicles. 

  • OCT 17: Working with DriveTech to Reduce Driving Risk

    October 17, 2017

    Driving Dynamics Inc., announced it has signed an agreement with DriveTech International (DriveTech) to join its global training partner network and for reseller rights in North America.

    DriveTech is the global driver safety management arm of Great Britain’s Automobile Association with a presence in over 95 countries and offering training solutions in 35 languages. Under this agreement, Driving Dynamics will add DriveTech’s driver safety and risk management solutions to its portfolio of services. This initiative, which includes a program of behavior-based assessments, e-learning and on-the-road coaching has been two years in development and tested by Driving Dynamics under a pilot program.

    “We are excited to build upon our established relationship with Driving Dynamics in order to expand the delivery of our global driver safety management solutions in North America. Too many people driving for work are being killed and injured every day. That’s why we are working with Driving Dynamics to improve driver safety and reduce the costs of running fleet operations significantly. By working together with partners in over 95 countries, we are successfully supporting global blue chip clients to reduce the driving risk for their employees throughout the world,” said Dr. Nigel Pratten, DriveTech’s director of product solutions and training.

    Under its DrivActiv™ digital services brand, Driving Dynamics will now offer scientifically-proven online psychometric assessment tools developed at Cranfield University, a globally renowned academic institution, and based on 30 years of research into driver behavior. Included in this online suite of services are driver behavioral risk assessments and driver self assessments. International driver perceives his or her performance behind the wheel. 

    Assessments can be used by fleet operators as a standalone tool or as part of a comprehensive program where both assessments are assigned as a prerequisite to on-road coaching and used by the Driving Dynamics instructor to target interventions at specific driver behaviors. Upon completion of the half-day on-road session, the coach instructor debriefs with the learner(s) and completes a 50-question evaluation immediately available online to the driver and their company.

    “This alliance underlines Driving Dynamics commitment to be the driver safety training provider of choice for fleet companies, fleet operators and strategic service partners by offering the breadth and scope of the highest quality services,” said Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics, president and CEO.

    For more information about the Driving Dynamics-DriveTech alliance, DrivActiv online assessment tools and Driving Dynamics’ On-Road Coaching service contact Driving Dynamics or stop by their booth on October 11 during the NETS conference in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    About DriveTech
    DriveTech, part of the AA, is the world leader in fleet risk and safety management, and driver training. The company is also the UK’s largest provider of driver offender retraining courses. With 25 years of successful experience, DriveTech offers fleet consultancy, driver assessment and training services in over 95 countries and in 35 languages through over 40 partners. These products and services improve driver safety, reduce fleet running costs and ensure compliance with legal obligations and duty of care responsibilities.

  • NOV 19: DrivActiv Online Safety Training Service Launched

    November 09, 2017

    Driving Dynamics Inc. announced the launch of a new learning management system (LMS) and the availability of its online driver safety lessons in U.S English, American Spanish and Canadian French.

    Under its new DrivActiv digital services brand, Driving Dynamics’ elearning service is now optimized for mobile devices and all training content meets SCORM standards. Adding to the flexible delivery, the company offers several fee plans to suit all buyers, including: pay-as-you-go, pre-paid discounted plans and a new unlimited subscription-access pricing plan.

    In business for 30 years and well known for its behind-the-wheel training programs, the company has already delivered its online courseware to more than one million learners. According to Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics, president and CEO, DrivActiv elearning represents an integration of its vast expertise as a driver safety training provider with the convenience and technologies offered by a robust LMS and online delivery system.

    Developed in conjunction with leading safety, risk management and instructional design consultants, the DrivActiv elearning catalog comprises 70 topics across four libraries  organized by light-duty, heavy-duty and micro learning. Topics are based on twenty-first century risk exposures such as ―distracted driving, overburdened infrastructure, risk compensation, increased work demands, and a review of more than 200,000 fleet-related crash incident reports, where the most prevalent loss types were identified. DrivActiv elessons have been designed to provide practical solutions which address the contributing factors of those risk exposures and incidents. 

    Course material focuses on the performance and behavioral capabilities of drivers no matter the vehicle type. Training content is demonstrated using 3-D animated scenarios that show both model behavior and the consequences of dangerous driving habits. Extensive learner interaction takes place to reinforce understanding, knowledge and retention.

  • SEP 23: Driving Dynamics Named Top-20 Safety Training Company

    Driving Dynamics Inc announced today it has been selected as a 2017 Top 20 Health and Safety Training Company by Training Industry Inc. as part of its mission to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies.

    Selection to the first annual 2017 Top 20 Health and Safety Training Companies List was based on the following criteria:

    • Breadth and diversity of health and safety training offerings
    • Ability to deliver training in preferred modalities
    • Company size and growth potential
    • Geographic and vertical reach
    • Quality of clients

    “Driving Dynamics is very honored to receive this recognition. As we celebrate 30 years in business, this acknowledgement of our leadership, along with other distinguished awards we have received so far this year, validates our long-term commitment to providing fleet safety training and risk management services that meet the highest standards in our industry. It also validates our ongoing efforts to enhance existing services, develop new instructionally sound training programs and expand our geographical footprint,” said Tony Vinciguerra, Driving Dynamics COO.

    Training Industry spotlights the latest news, articles, case studies and best practices within the training industry and publishes annual Top 20 and Watch List reports covering many sectors of interest to the corporate training function. Their focus is on helping dedicated businesses and training professionals get the information, insight and tools needed to more effectively manage the business of learning.

    “The creation of the Top 20 Health and Safety Companies List recognizes the significant role this sector occupies in the training industry,” said Doug Harward, CEO of Training Industry, Inc. “Learning solutions for compliance, health and safety continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of businesses.”

  • JUL 24: CTS HD Business Acquired, Vinciguerra Named COO

    July 24, 2017
    Driving Dynamics Inc. announced it now operates the Center for Transportation Safety (CTS) LLC. CTS provides safety training to qualify drivers for their commercial drivers' licenses.

    “We are thrilled to welcome CTS into Driving Dynamics. It was a natural fit and represents an exciting step forward for our business. The move illustrates our confidence in the future of the fleet safety industry and provides us with the added scale to accelerate our plans for expansion.” said Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics’ president and CEO.

    CTS, formerly headquartered in Denver, Colo., will operate as a  brand of Driving Dynamics. Now, through CTS, Driving Dynamics’ capabilities have expanded into commercial and heavy-duty training.
    With this move, Tony Vinciguerra, with more than three decades of industry expertise, has joined Driving Dynamics’ executive leadership team and been named as its new chief operating officer (COO). In his recent role, he was responsible for the accident, risk and safety functions at Element Fleet Management, and was general manager for Center for Transportation Safety for the past seven years. Vinciguerra began his career at PHH in 1992 and in 2008 was named V.P. of innovation and product management. He has also held IT positions with Coopers & Lybrand and Westinghouse Corporation. Vinciguerra earned a master’s degree from Loyola College in Maryland and received his bachelor’s degree in accounting and computer science from Albright College. He resides in Bel Air, Maryland with his wife, Linda.

    As Driving Dynamics’ new COO, Vinciguerra reports to Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics president and CEO and will be responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations. Liggio and Vinciguerra will work closely together to develop and direct Driving Dynamics’ services, initiatives and resources in support of long-term growth. “Tony is a tremendous addition to our executive team. I’m looking forward to working side-by-side with him to execute Driving Dynamics’ strategic growth strategy,” said Art Liggio
  • JUL 17: Driving Dynamics Under New Ownership, Founders Retire

    July 17, 2017

    Driving Dynamics Inc. announced an ownership change.

    This news follows the retirement of company founders Bill Buff and Paull Hubbard. "It’s been a true honor to work with these gentlemen. They never deviated from their mission to deliver the highest quality training and to keep drivers safe. I’m privileged to be in a position to carry on the legacy they’ve set in motion," said Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics’ President and CEO.

    Art Liggio joined the company in 2008 with a plan to grow the business. As the managing owner, he has acquired full ownership of Driving Dynamics together with majority owner investment firm Intuitis LLC, with offices in New York and Paris and Delancey Street Capital Partners, based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

    "Intuitis is very proud to back the management buy-out of Driving Dynamics. This transition of leadership will allow the company to continue servicing its traditional market and capture significant new growth opportunities. Driving Dynamics is perfectly in line with our investment strategy: a strong management team already in place, a company with a solid track record of historical cash flows and significant upside potential," commented Nicolas Delcourt Intuitis founding partner.

    Intuitis Partner John Perrachon added: "We were very impressed by Art’s leadership skills, deep knowledge of the safety market, and strategic vision. We now look forward to working hand in hand with management, further expanding Driving Dynamics, and executing its strategic plan with a special focus on the e-learning offering".

    The investment group points to the company’s domain expertise, strong position in the driver training space, reputation in the marketplace, passion and commitment of the leadership team for growing the business, and proven ability to execute as key reasons for their investment decision.

    "We’ve done a lot of research on the driver training space and we were extremely impressed with the company, its leadership team and outstanding customer reputation. Driving Dynamics was a strong company previously and now with the recapitalization of the business, it’s in an even better position to go after growth in multiple ways," said Bill Filip, founder and managing director at Delancey Street Partners and Delancey Street Capital Partners.

    Among Driving Dynamics’ goals is remaining at the forefront of addressing the needs of fleet-based organizations to: respond to today’s driver safety challenges, provide comprehensive end-to-end safety performance solutions, and adapt to new vehicle technologies.

    "We’re already in the midst of a transformative period, "said Liggio. "We’ve been steadfastly enhancing existing services and developing new instructionally sound training programs designed to keep drivers safe."

    About the Owners:
    Art Liggio has a long history of senior corporate management focusing on growth expansion through the use of leading-edge technologies and services. He has been responsible for a substantial increase in Driving Dynamics’ growth rate and depth of its customer base. Art consults on a broad range of topics including: safety policy development, building sustainable safe driving cultures, driver risk identification protocols, and regulatory compliance.

    Intuitis LLC, founded in 2000, is funded by a team of seasoned and successful long-term investors based in the U.S. and Europe. The firm focuses on acquiring control investments in small- to growing middle- market companies and seeks to invest in the long-term development of these businesses. It invests in traditional sectors such as distribution, manufacturing, and business services.

    Delancey Street Partners, an investment bank based in suburban Philadelphia advised the company in the recapitalization and its merchant banking affiliate Delancey Street Capital Partners participated in the financing.

  • FEB 13: Celebrating 30-Years Committed to Driver Safety

    February 13, 2017

    Driving Dynamics Inc.  announced that 2017 marks the company's 30th anniversary.

    The company was established through the vision of founder Bill Buff, who achieved notable success as a professional race car driver, when he realized that the most dangerous part of his day occurred while driving to and from the racetrack. Determined to help improve drivers’ safety performance behind-the-wheel he soon conceived the principle on which Driving Dynamics’ safety training curriculum is based. Rooted in a major automotive safety research study that determined 90 percent of all traffic crashes can be avoided when a driver has one more second to react and knows what to do with it the One Second Advantage™ has been, and to this day is the cornerstone philosophy of all training programs offered by the company.

    Now under the leadership of president and CEO Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics has been steadfastly enhancing existing services and introducing new services to assure the company remains at the forefront of addressing the needs of fleet operators to: respond to today’s driver safety challenges, improve fleet safety performance and adapt to new vehicle technologies.

    The first Driving Dynamics’ behind-the-wheel course was held in 1987 for Organon Pharmaceuticals, USA in Monmouth Park, New Jersey. Today, the company’s proprietary training is delivered to an estimated 150,000 drivers each year.

    "This is a very exciting time for Driving Dynamics. The company has a rich and solid history of integrity and commitment to delivering the highest quality driver safety training programs. It is this foundation that’s positioned Driving Dynamics to look to the future, evolve as an organization, offer new and innovative solutions and reach expanded audiences." said Art Liggio Driving Dynamics president.

    Notable Highlights Include:

    • The One Second Advantage™ Training Principle Established in 1987
    • First Behind-the-Wheel Driver Safety Class Held in 1987
    • Controlled Slide Car Patented in 1992
    • Web-Based Training Catalog Introduced in 2003
    • Online Fleet Safety Library Launched in 2010
    • APEX Award Winner in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
    • The Driver Advantage Safety eNewsletter Published in 2011
    • Custom Digital Learning Production Services Introduced in 2011
    • Art Liggio Appointed President in 2012
    • Safety Tip Video Library Launched 2012
    • Light Truck & Trailer Course Developed in 2014
    • DrivActiv™ Training Brand Introduced in 2016
    • Mobile Simulator-Enhanced Safety Training Added in 2016