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Practical, Engaging, Actionable Online Driver Safety Training

Online lessons designed around the root causes of more than 200,000 fleet-related crashes address the very safety issues drivers face in the real-world, including, overburdened infrastructures, hazard perception, distracted driving, vehicle control, and behavioral and environmental factors.

We offer more than 70 topics across multiple libraries covering the safety needs for drivers of all vehicles.

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DrivActiv microLearning




You’re Minutes Away from Improved Fleet Safety Performance


An extensive and growing library of microlearning safety tip videos, based on the proven One Second Advantage™ safe driving principles and techniques, is quickly becoming the cornerstone for many successful, long-term safe driving campaigns.  Your company can benefit from an effective, turn-key safety program that delivers two key components that every successful driver safety communication campaign must-have.


A Consistent and Sustainable Safety Message  •  Practical, Easy-To-Adopt Safe Driving Techniques


These targeted, concise, motivational, thought-provoking messages are delivered to your driver population in four-to-five minute, visually rich videos—changing the way your drivers value, think and act about their own safety. 

The instructional design component of  DrivActiv microLearning addresses employee safety by delivering light-bulb moments that relate directly to their personal experiences on the road.

This library contains more than 30 different safe driving topics. Each tip is uniquely designed to impart practical, easy-to-use methods to improve safe driving performance.

A combination of computer-generated animations and high-definition video content are used to illustrate commonly experienced issues and demonstrate positive, common-sense fixes which can be immediately implemented.


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Gain Greater Insight into Your Fleet Driver Population


Driver Self Assessments—Covers risk factors that are influenced by driver behavior and vehicle control competencies, including situational awareness, social actions, traffic flow, and environment. It identifies areas for improvement and provides learners with a self-reflective approach to objectively identify shortcomings related to driving and improve performance levels.


Fleet Risk Assessments—Reveals situational, behavioral and risk-coping factors. Identifies behavioral issues that diminish a driver’s safety behind the wheel as compared with data from thousands of other drivers. Developed by psychologists at Cranfield University, it is supported by a large body of academic research and evidence.


DrivActiv mvrMonitoring


Protect Your Reputation, Know Your Drivers

Reduce the administrative challenge of managing motor vehicle records

Identify at-risk and unsafe drivers •

Assess individual performance •

Reduce accidents •

Enforce driver policies •

Protect your company's  reputation •

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