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Online  Driver Safety Training


Three SCORM compliant eLearning libraries delivered through a Robust LMS

Developed to provide fleet drivers with superior, safe driving methods and extra reaction time which can mean the difference between a collision and a safe outcome. Content is continuously updated and refined to address the safety issues that drivers are facing today.


One Million+ Drivers Trained 

Proven effective for avoiding collisions in more than 100 million miles of driving Learners who complete our lessons come away with a different attitude toward safety and benefit from the newly acquired advanced performance, safe driving skills.


Practical, Engaging, Actionable Online Driver Safety Training

Concepts, skills, and techniques are demonstrated in 3-D animated scenarios that show both model behavior and the consequences of dangerous driving habits. Extensive learner interaction takes place to reinforce knowledge understanding and retention.


A study done by an independent third-party determined that within a 16-month period, six fleets
using the DrivActiv eLearning service averaged a 21 percent reduction in their crash costs.

Improvements in crash rates are based on several factors, in addition to training, that is controlled by employers.


"Very, Very Effective"

"A lot of planning went into this educational video — one aimed at getting drivers to recognize — and change — their bad behavior. No easy feat, but this is a thoroughly researched and crisply scripted video, with excellent sequencing and an inviting look and feel that gets viewers involved . This video candidly presents real-life driving scenarios in a matter of fact, nonjudgmental way. Very, very effective."

—APEX Judges’ Comments About Decisions You Make Distracted Driving Lesson

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Subscription Plan Pricing

With a competitively-priced per viewer tuition fee, learners receive unlimited access to all courseware within a selected library throughout the annual subscription period. Pricing is also available through pay-as-you-go and pre-paid discounted fee plans.