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A DrivActiv Microtips™ Safety Video




This brief tip video provides practical, easy-to-follow information about safely backing your vehicle. Using the techniques discussed, your back-up camera becomes an important tool to help you avoid potential and possibly serious incidents while navigating in reverse.

This complimentary DrivActiv safety tip video view is provided as a courtesy to Driving Dynamics customers, subscribers and prospects. It is intended for the recipient. This content will change monthly. Do not share or copy. All Rights Reserved.


Practical, Easy-to-Adopt

The DrivActiv Microtips library contains more than 30 different safe driving topics. Each tip is uniquely designed to impart practical, easy-to-use methods to improve safe driving performance using a combination of computer-generated animation and high definition video content to illustrate commonly experienced issues and quickly demonstrate positive, common sense fixes that can be immediately implemented.

Safety Tip Topics

Anti-Lock Braking Systems
Avoiding Aggressive Driving
Avoiding Collisions at Intersections – I
Avoiding Collisions at Intersections - II
Avoiding Large Animals
Avoiding Rollovers
Breakdown Safety
Changing Lanes - Collision Free
Dealing with Fatigue
Distracted Driving – Three Types
Distracted Driving – Multi-Tasking
Distracted Driving – The Mind’s Eye
Driving In Rain
Entering and Merging Into Traffic
Ergonomics – Your Comfort & Safety
Highway Work Zone Safety
Hot Weather Driving
Maintaining Your Vehicle
Managing Your Speed
Mountain Driving Techniques
Multi-Lane Highways
Pedestrian Safety
Prevent Rear-End Collisions - ReadyBrake™
Proper Backing & Parking
Role Model: Parents & Teen Drivers
Round-About Safety
Sharing the Road with Large Trucks
Sharing the Road with Motorcycles
Tire Pressure Maintenance
Trailer Towing – Safety Checklist
Use of Seat belts & Airbags
Your Back-Up Camera: Safety First
Winter Driving