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Driving Dynamics provides instructor-led, online and behind-the-wheel training solutions for fleet managers and their drivers.


Driving Dynamics is North America’s premiere provider of fleet driver training and fleet risk management services. With more than 30 years of experience helping fleet operators successfully lower their crash rates, our innovative instructor-led virtual training, behind-the-wheel training, and online learning courses enhance custom-built driver risk programs and are based on sound research, proven learning methodologies and expert instruction.

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Driving Dynamics in-person classes adhere to CDC-prescribed safety protocols for physical distancing. We interact with students while maintaining six-foot social distancing and through FM radios and open windows during driving exercises. Students remain in or alongside their own vehicles during driving exercises.

Solutions for Fleet Managers

  • Reduced crash rates 
  • Ability to train multiple drivers on an ongoing basis
  • Services available across the U.S. and Canada
  • Multiple training options - instructor-led virtual training, behind-the-wheel, online courses
  • Contactless behind-the-wheel training available
  • Better drivers lead to reduced crash rates and lower fuel and maintenance costs


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Driving Dynamics Training for Fleets

Driving Dynamics specializes in servicing fleets of all sizes. Our clients include Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, utilities, telecoms, pest control companies and much more. We offer training that makes drivers safer on the road and lowers the risk of costly crashes. The results for using Driving Dynamics training for drivers in your fleet have consistently shown a strong return on investment. 

Lower Cost

Lower Costs

The average cost to companies for crashes is now more than $26,000

Reduce Crashes

Reduce Crashes

A fleet-based determined that drivers who received Behind-The-Wheel training averaged 39% fewer crashes over a 3-year period compared to drivers who were not trained.

Save Money

save money

A Fortune 500 client with 5,000 fleet drivers recently used Driving Dynamics’ behind-the-wheel and online training and saw a 60% reduction in the number of crashes involving injuries in 18 months, saving a projected $1.2 million.

Increase ROI

Increase ROI

The return on investment in liability only savings is $4 for every $1 spent.


Driver Safety Excellence Hierarchy

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Proven Fleet Driver Safety Programs

The training courses from Driving Dynamics improve performance for new hires, at-risk drivers and tenured drivers who want to refresh their skills. After the initial success of the program, many companies choose to create a safety policy requiring drivers to take training courses.


Benefits of Training

  • Meeting safety program compliance
  • Mitigate exposure to Negligent Entrustment Liability 
  • Prepares drivers to understand nuances of driving ADAS equipped vehicles
  • Leverages connection between better driver performance and lower maintenance costs
  • Improves fleet efficiency, lowering fuel costs and meeting environmental standards
  • Proven training systems lead to drivers who have better vehicle control, situational awareness, and behavioral performance.

Options to Suit Your Needs

  • Instructor-led virtual training
  • Online lessons
  • Behind-the-wheel training
  • Driver behavioral risk assessments

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