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It has been a tremendous pleasure working with over the years!  I have learned so much from each of you and truly value the trust we built and the accomplishments we have shared!  The roots of the BMS safety program’s success lies with both of you.   Thank you! 

Wendy D., Global Travel and Fleet, Bristol-Myers Squibb

I changed lanes into the middle lane and I started to slide to the right due to the concrete roadway in a storm.  I let off the pedal and looked and steered in the direction of the roadway I wanted to follow. The truck flew by me at a high rate of speed and I was able to control the car.  Thank you for sending me to the Driving Dynamics class so I knew what to do in that situation.

Marc D., Field Operations, Florida Power & Light

Good timing for the refresher training. There was a 4 car pile-up in front of me yesterday but I avoided it. ABS works as does look further ahead than just the car in front.  It's great that the training makes us engage the ABS many times because it was a non-surprise when I actually needed to use it. 

Tara P.,  Account Manager, AkzoNobel

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