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I was driving into work and there was heavy fog and I could not see more than a few feet in front of my car. The road was wet and I thought that I should not set my cruise control and drive a little slower than normal. Everything was fine until a deer crossed right in front of my car. I turned slightly and next thing I know I was going down the road backward and when I came to a stop I was back in my lane and headed in the wrong direction. I was able to turn into a field, turnaround, and get back on the road to finish my trip into work. The thing that I feel made me somewhat comfortable in this near miss was the fact that I had been to a Driving Dynamics course a few times and it helped me prepare for these types of situations.




I recently took the Driving Dynamics course through my employer and I wanted to let you know that the hands on instruction, I have no doubt, saved mine and my family's life during a recent incident. We were driving down the highway when a woman hydroplaned into the side of my car spinning me backwards and heading toward an on-coming semi-truck. One thing from the course really stuck with me in this moment...when you are sliding or spinning out of control, look where you want to go, not where you are going. Because of this, I looked out the passenger side window, which is the direction I wanted to head, then steering in that direction I was able to very quickly spin the front end of the car forward. This action prevented a head on collision and allowed me to regain control of my car and safely get to the median. So I wanted to say thank to you and your team in Pittsburgh, PA that put on the course! Your training courses are making a difference in the real world and certainly helped to keep my family safe and uninjured! Thanks, Seth, Julie, & Ben


Seth M

VP at Henkel Corporation

This is the fifth time I have taken this class … and I have to say, it was by far the best class ever!!!! Your instructors were amazing. I feel so confident about my ability to stop quickly and maneuver around obstacles. Thank you for a great class!!!!!


Carol B.

Corporate Distribution Sales Manager BASF Corporation

I must tell you that I was fortunate (FINALLY) to take the course. My trainers were a super nice I could not have asked for a more comprehensive, engaging, and very personal experience. There were so many that the trainers had to break us into two separate groups, they pulled it off in such a smooth manner that I was in awe. Additionally, I shared with the instructors that I was apprehensive about the “fast turning and braking” exercise and they made sure I felt safe and comfortable with the maneuvers. I cannot tell you how impressed I was by your program. The training actually kicked in the next day. I was driving down a road at 40 miles per hour when a car rapidly SWERVED into my lane. I wasn’t even a bit hesitant when I certainly did lock up those ABS brakes and yanked that steering wheel 180 degrees to the right within a mere second! People just don’t get the training or to practice a technique like that. I truly didn’t understand the concept of those brakes before the training. It saved what would have been a pretty bad accident literally within 48 hours of the training. I’m a huge fan.


Roberta O.

Field Training Manager II, ECOLAB

Good timing for the refresher training. There was a 4 car pile-up in front of me yesterday but I avoided it. ABS works as does looking further ahead than just the car in front. I saw that the 1st car was going to rear end the car in front of it and I stopped with plenty of room. It's great that the training makes us engage the ABS many times because it was a non-surprise when I actually needed to use it.


Tara P.

Account Manager, AkzoNobel

While driving on the street, I almost ran over very Chihuahua. The reason I avoided running over dog was that I used one of Driving Dynamics’ skills of scanning road ahead so I had an extra second or two to stop on time.



Field Operations, Florida Power & Light

I was driving on I-4 in down town Orlando heading to Daytona to work Storm. I was in the left lane only because my GPS was telling me that my exit was going to be to the left. It was raining hard at that point and I was keeping a safe speed under the speed limit when I noticed a tractor trailer coming up fast behind me. I changed lanes into the middle lane and I started to slide to the right due to the concrete roadway. I let off the pedal and looked and steered in the direction of the roadway I wanted to follow. The truck flew by me at a high rate of speed and I was able to control the car. Thank you for sending me to Driving Dynamics class so I knew what to do in that situation.


Marc D

Field Operations, Florida Power & Light

It has been a tremendous pleasure working with over the years! I have learned so much from each of you and truly value the trust we built and the accomplishments we have shared! The roots of the BMS safety program’s success, lies with both of you. Beginning with the implementation of a comprehensive program in 2005/06 and continuing with the steadfast behind the wheel training. Thank you! I hope we may stay in touch. Best Regards.


Wendy D

Global Travel and Fleet, Bristol-Myers Sqiubb

On my way home yesterday from a Driving Dynamics class held in Elsinore California there was a terrible accident, which happened right in front of me. I was traveling in the middle lane at 55-60 mph west bound for home. There was lots of traffic, large semi-trucks everywhere, lots of lane changing going on, and everyone was in a hurry to get somewhere. Then right in front of me, a car darts from the carpool lane over to the off ramp. Cars in front of me where slamming on their brakes, skidding from one lane to another and completely out of control. I managed to slow down and avoid this particular situation.But the save of the day was what I saw coming at me from my left —a black car that just hit the center divider bolting in my direction spinning at 50 mph. I slammed on my brakes and maneuvered by steering out of way by the skin of my teeth. When I came to a complete stop I was still facing the correct way. I was parallel to the black car which was now totaled. The distance between our cars was less than three feet. My car untouched and shockingly enough my heart rate was normal—no panic at all. We were both in the middle of the freeway as the traffic continued on both sides.There was a point where I looked at the driver of that black car as we were coming to a halt. His airbags deployed and the “smoke” forced the driver out of his car in a very unsafe situation. As he bolted out of his car probably thinking his car was on fire, he was clearly dazed, shaking, confused and bleeding from a cut on his head. The other driver was a 19 year-old boy returning home from his day at UC Riverside. He escaped with minimal injuries and was taken under the wing of the Highway Patrol.Don’t ask me exactly what happened or how I remembered. But there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am safe and alive today because of what I learned from my Driving Dynamics. This was my third class in 15 years with Bristol Myers Squibb Oncology. Thanks to BMSO for investing in the most important cargo of that company car—ME!!At the end of our class we were asked what we would remember from our day. I teased that after three times to the class I would remember the correct tire pressure for my car, we all laughed and ended our day. But this is what I did remember from my Driving Dynamics class, which I applied and saved my life.– Looking forward toward the horizon and opening up my peripheral vision– Hands just above 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock for maximum steering control – Noting the power and how to use my ABS brakes with continued – Leave a couple car lengths in front of you, especially on the freeway– The One Second Advantage can make all the difference.– There is no advantage to being in a hurry. Thanks for making a difference!! And yes I shared what I learned and experienced with my own 17 year old son—this too had a positive impact.


Page S.

Senior Territory Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb Oncology

I attended the course offered here in Indianapolis. I want to offer that your team was absolutely superb. I am impressed. They worked together to make the day impactful and fun. I have nearly 20 years here at Elanco, and have had over those years many hours in internal and external training, and the hours I had with your team set a high mark for an engaged and energetic experience. I want to especially mention Kathy, who had the classroom portion of the day. She did a great job of making this valuable and impactful with her sharing of stories and humor.


Doug R

Director, product development Elanco Animal Health

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40 COMANCO employees completed the advanced driving and vehicle dynamics course in Zephyrhills, Florida. This behind the wheel training, conducted by Driving Dynamics, was established to help corporate fleet drivers develop expert, safe driving skills using proven, advanced driving techniques thereby giving them the critical advantage to stay safe behind-the-wheel. COMANCO mandates that all employees who have the need to drive a company vehicle while carrying out their scope of duties attend this class. During this training, COMANCO employees had the opportunity to learn and master evasive driving maneuvers. COMANCO employees were pushed outside their normal driving comfort zones during many of the exercises. This training provided all participants with a better understanding of vehicle capabilities and safety mechanisms. Whether driving for work or pleasure, COMANCO employees walked away with a new found confidence behind the steering wheel and the ability to properly react if the need ever arises.

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