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E-Newsletter and Blog Dedicated to Fleet Driver Safety

Newark, Delaware, January 23, 2020

Driving Dynamics Inc., announced that, Driver Safety News, a new subscriber-based e-newsletter, will be published monthly with content accessible on the company’s website.

Developed for fleet and safety professionals, the publication is designed to support organizational safe driving initiatives and improve safety behind the wheel by providing educational resources that offer the latest thinking and best practices for driver safety and risk management. The newsletter, delivered in a format that is easily consumed, will feature content authored by thought leaders at Driving Dynamics and comprise articles, microlearning videos, quick tips, statistics, white papers, infographics, surveys and quizzes.

“We’re committed to delivering relevant and useful safety education and materials through sustainable channels. It’s exciting for us to launch this newsletter on the heels of sunsetting our former award-winning publication. Our existing subscriber base of 20,000 readers as well as new subscribers will be rewarded with the best possible experience. We believe it is important to challenge ourselves to deliver excellence, so it was time for this new format,” said Art Liggio, CEO and president of Driving Dynamics. “Driver Safety News aligns with our mission that maintaining effective and lasting driver safety results needs to be an ever-present and ongoing process. Our goal is for this e-newsletter to be an enjoyable read and go-to informational resource for driver safety.”

Driving Dynamics provides advanced performance driver and safety training and fleet risk management services throughout North America. In business for more than 30 years, its behind-the-wheel, e-learning, classroom and simulator training and driver risk programs are based on sound research, proven learning methodologies and expert instruction.


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