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New Train-The-Coach Fleet Safety Certification Program

Newark, Delaware, April 25, 2019

Driving Dynamics Inc. announced the rollout of its CoachInsight Advantage (CoachInsight) certification course, the latest service under the company’s DriverAdvantage behind-the-wheel brand for individuals who operate light-to-medium duty vehicles.

CoachInsight is a four-day employer-onsite program that prepares company fleet safety professionals to conduct Driving Dynamics’ DriveInsight Advantage driver safety course. Coach-candidates participate in a combination of classroom lectures, role-play scenarios and driving exercises. Upon successful completion, certified coaches will be able to:

  • Motivate drivers to become highly engaged in the improvement of their safety behind the wheel
  • Analyze, interpret and incorporate the results of the CoachInsight driving skills and behavioral assessments to conduct personalized driver improvement coaching sessions
  • Instruct drivers on how to properly perform the skills-based, One Second Advantage advanced performance safe driving techniques
  • Implement the proprietary, CoachInsight coaching method to help drivers evaluate and reflect on the results of their online assessment responses
  • Guide drivers to determine which skills and behavioral deficiencies are most important for them to address and improve
  • Assist drivers in producing their own personal safety action plans designed to reduce risk and reinforce positive driving habits
  • Conduct a comprehensive development drive that enhances self-awareness, builds confidence and encourages a long-term desire to minimize risk while driving
  • Complete a final observation summary report for each driver coached

Graduates will receive a certificate of completion, a starter pack of driver coaching materials, a unique identification number and support access to Driving Dynamics coaching pros. To keep credentials in good standing, graduates are required to coach a minimum of ten individuals in their organizations per year and complete a re-certification course every two years.

We are so excited to bring Driving Dynamics’ first instructor certification course to the marketplace and provide our customers with a convenient, flexible and consistent option for administering driver safety programs. This course includes validated driver assessments, our proprietary coaching methodology, an e-learning supplement and our exclusive One Second Advantage safe driving philosophy, making it a one of a kind program,” said Ben Langley, director of training development and innovation for Driving Dynamics and the company’s master coach. “Coach-graduates will be equipped with all of the tools needed to guide fleet drivers in discovering and addressing how their behaviors and skills influence their driving capabilities thereby effecting a positive reduction in road incidents across the fleet.”

Driving Dynamics is showcasing its CoachInsight Advantage program at booth #157 during the 2019 iP Utility Safety Conference and Expo, April 30 through May 2 in Denton, Texas and at booth #2611 at the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Safety 2019, June 9 through June 12 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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