It all started with the One Second Advantage

Driving Dynamics was established in 1987 through the vision of founder Bill Buff, who achieved notable success as a professional race car driver, when he realized that the most dangerous part of his day occurred while driving to and from the racetrack.

30years_logoDetermined to help improve drivers’ safety performance behind-the-wheel he soon conceived the principle on which Driving Dynamics’ safety training curriculum is based—the One Second Advantage.

Rooted in a major automotive safety research study that determined 90 percent of all traffic crashes can be avoided when a driver has one more second to react and knows what to do with it —the One Second Advantage has been, and to this day is the cornerstone philosophy of all training programs offered by the company.

Upon the retirement of company founders Bill Buff and Paull Hubbard in 2017 Art Liggio, president and CEO, has acquired full ownership of Driving Dynamics along with majority owner investment firm Intuitis LLC, with offices in New York and Paris and Delancey Street Capital Partners, based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

Now under the leadership of managing owner Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics has been steadfastly enhancing existing services and introducing new services to assure the company remains at the forefront of addressing the needs of fleet operators to: respond to today’s driver safety challenges, improve fleet safety performance and adapt to new vehicle technologies.

"The best way for drivers to stay safe is to see farther ahead so that they can identify problems that might occur, and then avoid them completely."  

~ Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics president and CEO


We deliver on our mission every day using proprietary, time tested, principle-based safety education along with risk management analysis and applied techniques. We are committed to delivering the most relevant and effective training programs and services for fleet professionals and driver of all vehicles types.


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Driver, Monsanto

I was driving into work and there was heavy fog and I could not see more than a few feet in front of my car. The road was wet and I thought that I should not set my cruise control and drive a little slower than normal. Everything was fine until a deer crossed right in front of my car. I turned slightly and next thing I know I was going down the road backwards and when I came to a stop I was back in my lane and headed in the wrong direction. I was able to turn into a field, turnaround, and get back on the road to finish my trip into work. The thing that I feel made me somewhat comfortable in this near miss was the fact that I had been to a Driving Dynamics course a few times and it helped me prepare for these types of situations.

Seth M, VP at Henkel Corporation

I recently took the Driving Dynamics course through my employer and I wanted to let you know that the hands-on instruction, I have no doubt, saved mine and my family's life during a recent incident. We were driving down the highway when a woman hydroplaned into the side of my car spinning me backward and heading toward an oncoming semi-truck. One thing from the course really stuck with me in this moment...when you are sliding or spinning out of control, look where you want to go, not where you are going. Because of this, I looked out the passenger side window, which is the direction I wanted to head, then steering in that direction I was able to very quickly spin the front end of the car forward. This action prevented a head-on collision and allowed me to regain control of my car and safely get to the median. So I wanted to say thank to you and your team in Pittsburgh, PA that put on the course! Your training courses are making a difference in the real world and certainly helped to keep my family safe and uninjured! Thanks, Seth, Julie, & Ben

Carol B., Corporate Distribution Sales Manager BASF Corporation

This is the fifth time I have taken this class … and I have to say, it was by far the best class ever!!!!

Your instructors were amazing.  I feel so confident about my ability to stop quickly and maneuver around obstacles. Thank you for a great class!!!!!

Roberta O. Field Training Manager II, ECOLAB

I must tell you that I was fortunate (FINALLY) to take the course. My trainers were a super nice I could not have asked for a more comprehensive, engaging, and very personal experience.  There were so many that the trainers had to break us into two separate groups, they pulled it off in such a smooth manner that I was in awe.  Additionally, I shared with the instructors that I was apprehensive about the “fast turning and braking” exercise and they made sure I felt safe and comfortable with the maneuvers.   I cannot tell you how impressed I was by your program.  The training actually kicked in the next day.  I was driving down a road at 40 miles per hour when a car rapidly SWERVED into my lane.  I wasn’t even a bit hesitant when I certainly did lock up those ABS brakes and yanked that steering wheel 180 degrees to the right within a mere second!  People just don’t get the training or to practice a technique like that.  I truly didn’t understand the concept of those brakes before the training.   It saved what would have been a pretty bad accident literally within 48 hours of the training.  I’m a huge fan. 

Tara P. Account Manager, AkzoNobel

Good timing for the refresher training. There was a 4 car pile-up in front of me yesterday but I avoided it. ABS works as does look further ahead than just the car in front. I saw that the 1st car was going to rear end the car in front of it and I stopped with plenty of room. It's great that the training makes us engage the ABS many times because it was a non-surprise when I actually needed to use it.



Established the One Second
Advantage™ Training Principles


Held First Behind-The-Wheel Course
Conducted  in Monmouth Park, NJ


Patented Controlled Slide Car


Built Fleet of High-Tech, Mobile Classrooms


Rolled Out First Online Driver
Training Registration System


Introduced Online Training Catalog


Created Online, Interactive Training Series Exclusively
Using Computer Generated Animations

Launched Fleet Safety Resource Library

Published First Safety e-Newsletter

Introduced Custom Digital Learning Production Services

Rolled Out Safety Tip Microlearning Library

Developed Light Truck & Trailer Behind-the-Wheel Course

Piloted Global Behind-the-Wheel Coaching Program

Introduced Instructor-Led Light Duty
Mobile Simulator Courses

Named Multi-Year APEX Award Winner
2011 ‘12, ‘13, ‘14 ’15 ’16 and ’17

Celebrated 30 Years of Achieving Exceptional
Results for Fleet Operators

Launched DrivActiv™ Online Driver Improvement Series

Added Center for Transportation Safety
to Driving Dynamics’ Portfolio

Formalized Global training partnership
with DriveTech International
2017 & 2018

Recognized as one of the Top 20 Health & Safety Training Companies by Training Industry Inc.

Introduced new DriverAdvantage™ brand for Light-to-Medium Duty Behind-the-Wheel Training Courses
As Featured In