It all started with the One Second Advantage

Driving Dynamics was established in 1987 through the vision of founder Bill Buff, who achieved notable success as a professional race car driver, when he realized that the most dangerous part of his day occurred while driving to and from the racetrack.

30years_logoDetermined to help improve drivers’ safety performance behind-the-wheel he soon conceived the principle on which Driving Dynamics’ safety training curriculum is based—the One Second Advantage.

Rooted in a major automotive safety research study that determined 90 percent of all traffic crashes can be avoided when a driver has one more second to react and knows what to do with it —the One Second Advantage has been, and to this day is the cornerstone philosophy of all training programs offered by the company.

Upon the retirement of company founders Bill Buff and Paull Hubbard in 2017 Art Liggio, president and CEO, has acquired full ownership of Driving Dynamics along with majority owner investment firm Intuitis LLC, with offices in New York and Paris and Delancey Street Capital Partners, based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

Now under the leadership of managing owner Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics has been steadfastly enhancing existing services and introducing new services to assure the company remains at the forefront of addressing the needs of fleet operators to: respond to today’s driver safety challenges, improve fleet safety performance and adapt to new vehicle technologies.

"The best way for drivers to stay safe is to see farther ahead so that they can identify problems that might occur, and then avoid them completely."  

~ Art Liggio, Driving Dynamics president and CEO


We deliver on our mission every day using proprietary, time tested, principle-based safety education along with risk management analysis and applied techniques. We are committed to delivering the most relevant and effective training programs and services for fleet professionals and driver of all vehicles types.


Improve Drivers Abilities 
to Stay Safe

Provide Expert Driver 
Training Services

Lower Fleet 
Crash Rates



Our History and Milestones

Notable Milestones


Established the One Second
Advantage™ Training Principles


Held First Behind-The-Wheel Course
Conducted  in Monmouth Park, NJ


Patented Controlled Slide Car


Built Fleet of High-Tech, Mobile Classrooms


Rolled Out First Online Driver
Training Registration System


Introduced Online Training Catalog


Created Online, Interactive Training Series Exclusively
Using Computer Generated Animations

Launched Fleet Safety Resource Library

Published First Safety e-Newsletter

Introduced Custom Digital Learning Production Services

Rolled Out Safety Tip Microlearning Library

Developed Light Truck & Trailer Behind-the-Wheel Course

Piloted Global Behind-the-Wheel Coaching Program

Introduced Instructor-Led Light Duty
Mobile Simulator Courses

Named Multi-Year APEX Award Winner
2011 ‘12, ‘13, ‘14 ’15 ’16 and ’17

Celebrated 30 Years of Achieving Exceptional
Results for Fleet Operators

Launched DrivActiv™ Online Driver Improvement Series

Added Center for Transportation Safety
to Driving Dynamics’ Portfolio

Formalized Global training partnership
with DriveTech International
2017 & 2018

Recognized as one of the Top 20 Health & Safety Training Companies by Training Industry Inc.

Introduced new DriverAdvantage™ brand for Light-to-Medium Duty Behind-the-Wheel Training Courses
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